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Dr. Chung is a gem! I started having painful back spasms and wanted an alternative to vicodin since I am nursing. It was my first time to an acupuncturist and Dr. Chung was so patient and took his time answering all my questions. The procedure was painless and after only 3 sessions my back was feeling so much better. He also relieved my tensed neck, shoulder, and back with this amazing cup treatment! I have my husband going to him now and now my husband is a believer ~ he's preaching about Dr. Chung to his co-workers! – Suk M.

Dr. Chung has been ONE of the MOST AMAZING Doctor's I have seen in my life. He is so disciplined and focused. I had a condition with an overactive bladder and he took the time to ask me questions to find out more about me. He is very methodical in his work making sure to be very focused however he has wonderful bedside manners. He still cares for you as a person. Years ago, I had gone to a acupuncturist who stuck me wtih a needle attached to a machine and zapped me so strongly it hurt. I was nervous to ever go back but when I met Dr. Chung he was so gentle and careful. I loved the acupuncture and the cupping is just brilliant. His style is awesome!!!!!!!! If you are looking for an Acupuncturist Doctor that knows what he is doing in his medicine and work and you are looking for a Doctor that is your advocate and take a personal interest in you and your well being, Dr. Chung is the Doctor for you. My visits to him helped me so much. I had better nights of sleep with less frequency to go to the restroom. An AMAZING Doctor and just a great human being. Thank you Dr. Chung for helping me. I would refer every single person I care for to Dr. Chung that is how much I trust him. ********** 10 STARS – Sara M.

I am completely happy with Dr. Chung's acupuncture clinic. Dr. Chung is awesome! I have wanted to try acupuncture for years but didn't know of any clinics in the South Bay. I have been seeing Dr. Chung for several months now and I am sure that it is helping me with my health issues. Dr. Chung's personality is warm, friendly, supportive, and encouraging. The clinic is spacious and inviting.
If you are looking for an acupuncture clinic, Dr. Chung's is the best! – Lennard H.

Dear Dr. Chung. Since I got two treatments from you I felt my health improved very much, such as: the dark brown color of my toe nails disappeared, I have good night sleep. Before, my eye browns not equal, now, they are Ok, which makes me have good looking, I can control my left hand a little bit, and I think it will improve a lot in the future. I will talk to my insurance and also introduce you to all of my friends. I thank you very much. I am feeling of a person want to be alive and I get it. I wish you to keep improve in your profession and always have good health to help handicapped people like me. – Linda N.




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